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Working with natural materials such as Walnut and reclaimed Ebony has meant that I have had to become very aware of the cost to the environment to provide these natural materials.

I have implemented an offsetting element in my company in the form of tree planting. For every pencil I sell, I will now – week upon week – grow from seed and tend sapling plants which I will – when ready and sturdy enough – plant in areas of green space to revitalise forgotten spaces in and out of the city.

There are lots of companies out there that promise to do this for businesses, and it has always seemed a quick fix for companies to gain green credentials, but this does not appeal to me in the slightest. I would rather know that my efforts are being made the most of and that I can see my efforts are really contributing as they should – without worry.

This way you know that your purchase of a pencil has contributed to a brand new plant or tree being grown to help sustain our future.

Regular Updates of My Tree Planting …

I cannot wait to get started growing and planting, and will ensure that there will be regular updates and photos of my journey to making greener spaces though out the city and beyond.

Thank you everyone so far for backing me!

Whatever your weekend holds in store I hope you have a great one! I’ll be preparing the first 100+ seeds this weekend for the first 100+ backers I have had and begin the germination process!


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