Norman Foster uses our pencils

Norman Foster has become a customer of Nicholas Hemingway’s Handmade Mechanical Pencils!

I was recently blown away when an order came through our website from the world famous architect Lord Norman Foster.

Having been to university and studied architecture myself I was always an admirer of his works and had no idea that one day he would become a customer of mine. When the order came through I thought it must have been someone else with the same name. I checked the address and saw it was placed from the United States…”Why would he be living in the US?” I thought.

I went ahead and googled ‘Norman Foster Massachusetts ‘ and was astonished to find an article relating to the world famous architect Norman Foster living there indeed! …I was astounded!

I sent the order he required – a handmade aluminium mechanical pencil with steel nib in a 0.7mm thickness lead – along with a little note as I send to all my customers, but with an added bit about myself and my interest in his work.


And look what i received as way of a thank you!

Words cannot describe how happy I was to receive this hand-drawn letter of thanks from Lord Norman Foster himself.

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Nicholas Hemingway

Nicholas Hemingway

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